Neighbourhood Plan – Public Consultation

Thanks to everyone who attended our Neighbourhood Plan Public Consultation exhibition on Saturday 7th March at the Memorial Hall . Over 130 residents attended the event and constructive feedback was obtained which will be considered when producing our final plan for submission to CDC .

Please send in your Response Forms or leave comments on our web site by 6th April 2015


Neighbourhood Plan – Public Consultation

After over a year of hard work by Councillors and Lechlade residents we have finalised our draft Neighbourhood Plan and sent it into Cotswold District Council on 27th October for review and screening – the first town in the Cotswold District to do this.
CDC have decided to go out to consultation to English Heritage and the Environmental Agency before allowing us to publish our draft document for Public Consultation.
We now plan to publish in mid January 2015 for a period of 6 weeks and we do hope to get constructive feedback on our proposals.

Steve Trotter
Mayor of Lechlade

Fireworks in Lechlade

Everyone who attended the fireworks at the Riverside Pub last night had a great evening . We had roundabouts , BBQ ( thanks to Tony Cutler ) , an outdoor bar , candyfloss and other stalls. Plus a great firework display on a crisp evening with a clear sky.

Thank you Summer and your hard working staff.

Steve Trotter

Public Consultation on Lechlade Neighbourhood Plan

The Town Council held a public consultation in the Memorial Hall on the 13th September about proposals for traffic management in Lechlade and improvements to the Town Centre. A presentation was made by Ben Hamilton Baillie who had been commissioned by the Town Council to produce a report. The meeting was attended by over 130 residents who then completed a feedback form. Out of 115 responses only 4 were against the proposals with many residents extremely enthusiastic. The full report has now been received from Ben Hamilton Baillie and will be included in the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

The draft Neighbourhood Plan report  is being published for Public Consultation on the Town Council website around mid November and hard copies will be available from the Library and the Town Council Office. Public Consultation will be open for 6 weeks and we would like your feedback ( by e-mail to ). A lot of work has gone into producing the Neighbourhood Plan by both Town Councillors and residents and it is an unique opportunity for residents of Lechlade to develop a vision for the town for the next 20 years.

Steve Trotter



Lechlade Sports Relief mile – March 2014

Thank you everyone who took part in the Sports Relief Mile in March this year . We have just been informed that Lechlade raised £2636.63 !

Well done everyone and in particular thanks to Ian Thomas who organised the event , all the volunteer marshals and everyone who took part.

See you next year

Steve Trotter ( Mayor of Lechlade-on-Thames )