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Walks around Lechlade

A Fairford and Lechlade Walks Book is available to buy from the Lechlade Post Office or the Lechlade Newsagents (both in the High Street) at a cost of £4.95
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  • Neighbourhood Plan


    Lechlade-on-Thames Neighbourhood Plan 

    Neighbourhood Plan update November 2016

    Lechlade Neighbourhood Plan Approved
    After over 3 years of work by the Town Council and the Working Groups, Lechlade Town Council’s Neighbourhood Plan has been approved by Cotswold District Council .

    CDC had previously undertaken their own Public Consultation and submitted the Plan to an Independent Examiner. Following the Examiners report and final revisions , CDC  submitted the Plan to a local Referendum on Thursday 13th October 2016


    The Neighbourhood Plan was supported by 88% of those who voted.

    This is the first Neighbourhood Plan to be approved in the Cotswolds.


    The Neighbourhood Plan covers the period up to 2031 and sets out a vision for the future of Lechlade. It sets out clear planning policies and projects to realise this vision .

    The Plan has been developed through extensive consultation with the people of Lechlade and others with an interest in the town.

    Details of the consultations and evidence gathering have been recorded as supporting documentation to the Plan.

    All comments previously submitted have been recorded along with the responses to these comments.

    The Plan sets out Planning Policies covering

    1 Housing to meet our future needs , whilst maintaining the town’s character.

    2 Policies to develop employment and the local economy.


    The Plan also sets out Projects to be delivered through Working Groups over the next 2 years.

    1 Projects to achieve a thriving town centre and manage traffic.

    2 Projects to develop employment and the local economy.

    3 Projects to promote tourism.

    4 Projects to provide adequate community services and facilities.


    During August 2015 CDC appointed an independent examiner to undertake a ‘health check’ of the draft Plan.


    His overall finding was that ‘‘The Plan is well-presented and constructive. It sets out a realistic basis for the future planning of Lechlade. It has been very positive in identifying opportunities for sustainable growth and is very clear about the vision for the town. It is distinctive to the Plan area both generally, and in terms of the how it promotes the vision in particular. It is beautifully arranged and illustrated.  A local resident will immediately be able to understand and appreciate the Plan.  In a similar fashion a person new to the plan area is quickly able to identify and understand the key issues and the wider context.’’


    The Plan was published on both the CDC and Lechlade Town Council websites prior to the Referendum.

    Click here to see the Neighbourhood Plan and Supporting Documentation