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Walks around Lechlade

A Fairford and Lechlade Walks Book is available to buy from the Lechlade Post Office or the Lechlade Newsagents (both in the High Street) at a cost of £4.95
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  • Refuse Collection

    Refuse Collection

    Collection of refuse in Lechlade is the responsibility of Cotswold District Council.

    Collection of garden and food waste are made each Monday on a weekly basis. General waste and recycling is collected fortnightly, also on Mondays.  For full details visit www.cotswold.gov.uk

    Christmas/New Year – 2016/17    Waste Collections  

    Week commencing Monday 19 December 2016:

    Normal collection day New revised collection day
    Mon 19 Dec 2016 No change
    Tues 20 Dec No change
    Weds 21 Dec No change
    Thurs 22 Dec No change
    Friday 23 Dec No change
    Mon 26 Dec Will move to Weds 28 Dec
    Tues 27 Dec Will move to Thurs 29 Dec
    Weds 28 Dec Will move to Friday 30 Dec
    Thurs 29 Dec Will move to Saturday 31 Dec
    Friday 30 Dec Will move to Tues 3 Jan 2017
    Mon 2 Jan 2017 Will move to Weds 4 Jan
    Tues 3 Jan Will move to Thurs 5 Jan
    Weds 4 Jan Will move to Friday 6 Jan
    Thurs 5 Jan Will move to Saturday 7 Jan
    Friday 6 Jan Will move to Mon 9 Jan
    Mon 9 Jan Will move to Tues 10 Jan
    Tues 10 Jan Will move to Weds 11 Jan
    Weds 11 Jan Will move to Thurs 12 Jan
    Thurs 12 Jan Will move to Friday 13 Jan
    Friday 13 Jan Will move to Saturday 14 Jan

    The collection schedule will return to normal on the week beginning Monday 16 January 2017.


    Note, garden waste is subject to a £30 annual charge – click here for details.